Our Process

Maillot Custom Homes Calgary - Exterior Home ConstructionBuilding a quality custom home is an exciting and involved process.  You are finally bringing all your dreams to fruition and building a quality custom home designed uniquely for you and your family.  It is vitally important that you partner with a builder you can trust to stand by your side and have your back every step of the way.  The Maillot Homes team believes that a good builder will work with and guide you well before the contract is signed and long after you move in. Most importantly, the process has to be fun! It is after all, your home to create. See below for some of the many ways we can offer our help and support.  

Initial Concept

Calgary Custom Home Building BlueprintsAre you a bungalow or two story type of family?  Do you require amenities within walking distance or do you prefer an acreage in the country? Is a tight knit sense of community with important to you, or do you prefer privacy and serenity with nothing but trees and nature surrounding your home?  What is your budget?  These initial decisions seem obvious but are an important part of an initial conversation with your custom home builder, architect, designer and anyone else that may be involved in the process. 

Lot Selection

Calgary Inner City Custom BuilderMaillot Homes has a vast portfolio of inner city lots and country properties to choose from.   We can also help you source, select and negotiate the purchase of a home site of your own choosing. There are many variables to take into consideration about the location, orientation, and landscape that will dictate the type of home you can build and the lifestyle it will provide.  Certain lots lend themselves to walkout designs while others do not.  Some areas have specific architectural guidelines of which you need to be aware.  It’s important to consider exposure and view.  Please take advantage of this complementary service and allow Maillot Homes to help you with the selection of the location of your new home.

Choosing Your Architect / Designer

Architect - Custom Home Builder CalgaryIf you have a specific architect or designer you would like to work with, that’s great.  If you would like a referral, we have a select group of architect and designers that we partner with on a regular basis.  Either way, we’re more than happy to accompany you throughout the interview process.  There are many ways we can help along the way.  We provide feedback on the drawings and may even be able to make suggestions that will increase your enjoyment of your new home or perhaps even save a little money.  

Fine Tuning Your Budget

Custom Home Builder On BudgetThe beauty of designing your own custom home is that you put your budget into the things that are important to you and your family.  We can help you work through your budget to ensure that you are able to include details most important to you and help you to trim the costs in areas that are not.  Large or small, everyone has a budget.  Maillot Homes and all of us who work here respect that. In fact, we develop many of our own projects, making us especially sympathetic to budgetary concerns. This also keep us on the leading edge of all market trends and real estate economics.  Our trades and suppliers understand the vital importance of accurate and thorough quoting from the very beginning.  Our many years of experience and honesty around what a quality job will cost protects you from out of control budgets and ensures that you have a full and transparent view of your build. 

Interior Finishes

Luxury Interior Design - Custom Homes CalgaryOur Design Manager, Jenn Kendall, will be there to work with you from the very beginning.  This is the part of building your home where it is absolutely critical that we work together to ensure that every selection meets your specific requirements.  Balancing aesthetics, function, and budget can often be challenging, but with Jenn as your skilled and talented guide we are confident that you will really enjoy this part of the process.  We will not simply hand you a list of selections you need to make and the associated deadlines.  Rather, Jenn will accompany you when you visit our various suppliers to guide and support you in the many decisions required to finalize every selection.  Not only does she have a fantastic eye for design, she also has keen organizational skills and will help to keep you on track so that every last detail is tended to in an orderly fashion – ensuring that house you imagine today, is the home you will live in tomorrow.

Building Your Home

Luxury Home Construction CalgaryGaela Toombs, our Project Manager, is in charge of ensuring everything runs smoothly.  She will coordinate trades, organize scheduling, and make sure everything is ordered on time.  Site Supervisors monitor quality and keep an eye on things on a day to day basis. The entire Maillot Homes’ family works together to make sure all work meets our exceptional standards while keeping both your budget and timelines in check.  Always know that we support and encourage your input and involvement at every stage of the home building process.  We encourage you to let us know whenever you would like you to drop by the jobsite.  Once we have you outfitted in steel toes and hard hats, we will walk you through the site and introduce you to the fine men and women whose skilled hands are involved in the building and finishing of every last detail.  

Final Occupancy

Finished Luxury Home by Maillot CalgaryThe day has finally come!   We have handed you the keys and you take possession of your newly built custom Maillot Home.  This is the day the Alberta New Home Warranty kicks in.  (See ‘About Us’ for more information on the Alberta New Home Warranty).  Maillot Homes prides itself on the relationships we have with clients from years past.  We love to hear how the home continues to serve the family over the years and sometimes even decades since we built it.  And if you ever need to know the paint colour we used in the laundry room, or the trade that did your stairs, we’re only a phone call away.  We’ve been a member of the Calgary community for the past 60 years and plan to be here for 60 more.  Hopefully even long after that.  You need a builder that will still be there when you have a question down the road.  Please know that the team here at Maillot Homes is always here to help, now and in the many years to come.