Amazing Survey Results

The Professional Home Builders Institute along with Alberta New Home Warranty have spearheaded a new independent survey specifically focused on the home building industry.  The results are in and Maillot Homes is proud to announce that not only did we greatly surpass industry averages across the board, we also received Best in Class in multiple categories!  Best in Class is reserved for the absolute highest score received by any home builder in all of Alberta. 

We are proud and excited to share these results with all of our friends.  You can review the scores received by Maillot Homes and how it compares to the industry by clicking the ranking report link below.



Alberta New Home Warrenty/ PHIB Survey Results

Build Watch - Demo

It all starts with the demo. 

As much as we hate to talk about it sometimes, a new inner city home usually starts with the demolition of the old one. 

While we strive to be as environmental as possible - houses are stripped of anything salvageable in an effort to reduce the impact on landfills - the demolition of the older, often long neglected structure, is inevitible to make way for a newer, up to date and efficient home.

Follow this blog, as we chronicle the custom home building process.  From the demolition of the old to the final touches of the new, we invite you to join us while we document in real time an acutal custom build for one of our very special clients.

And so it begins.... there aren't many amoung us who doesn't have an inner 6 year old boy that thinks this is just a little bit cool.


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Looking for a lot to build your custom home in Calgary?

Inner city land seems to be scarce these days. No sooner does a great property with an even better price hit the market, it’s gobbled up but some other land seeker that was just a hair faster than you. And then there are those pieces that sit. You know the ones – they seem great, priced fair – but just sit. You know there’s a reason for it. But what is it? Then of course there are the dramatically flawed and overpriced plots that you think no one will ever buy, until someone does.

And then you find it. You’re standing in front of the perfect lot for your new custom home. It’s just the right size, a quick commute to work and close to your kid’s school. You heard of it through the grapevine and it hasn’t even hit MLS yet!  You actually have a shot at this one.

Now you have a decision to make – and the questions start racing through your head! Am I making the right decision? Will we get the view from the second story? Can I build a second story? What about a third? What are the setbacks here? Can I have a front driveway? How big of a home can I build? Can I have an upper balcony? Can the custom home that’s perfect for my family be built on this lot?

Believe it or not, every single one of those questions is a valid concern and the answers should not be assumed. The rules change from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, and yes, even just across the street.   And you don’t want to start making compromises before you even start your drawings!

Before you sign on the dotted line, let us help. We can help you determine what your set backs are, what the maximum house size is, and identify height restrictions specifically for your lot. 

We always hope we’re going to give you fantastic news! But if there is some oddball right of way running right through your property, or if that street is slated for a future through fare or community park, you’d want to know before you sign on the dotted line, wouldn’t you? This is your dream home after all. We believe in taking the time to plan and research. As a result we’re a pretty efficient custom home builder, because we’ve taken care of the big stuff up front.

If you have a lot that you are thinking of buying, and need a second opinion from someone that has most likely built right down the street, give us a call. There is no charge or commitment required. Or, if your question is of a general nature, simply post it here. And we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

Hell or High Water. Calgary cleans up.

As you know, on Monday, Maillot Homes closed the office to help with the flood cleanup effort.  Much of the team was there Tuesday as well. 

The sight we saw when we first approached those homes most affected by the flood was something I hadn't prepared myself for.  I thought I knew what to expect.  I had seen the images on the net and TV but somehow seeing it in person was far more impactful than I had anticipated. 

The mud and silt was everywhere.  There was a line, sometimes faint - sometimes quite solid, that traced every wall at the exact same height - as though an invisible child had walked along with his stick thumping against the fence behind him.  It marked the level where the water had been.  The realization that these homes had been utterly submerged past the sills of the first floor windows seemed incredible. 

We were there to shovel, to tear down, to remove, and to dry out.  We ripped out wet drywall, dragged sopping pillows and photo albums from soggy basements, filled dumpsters with old lumber and family treasures all heaped in to one very large pile that repeated itself over and over in front of many houses, down many streets.

The strength of the people whose homes were destroyed was utterly amazing.  A few times I witnessed a teary eye, usually at the prompting of a well-meaning hug.  But for the most part all were simply focused on the task at hand.  Saving what they could - disposing of the rest.  Occasionally pausing to reflect, a flash of remorse, of sadness, and then moving on to the next job.  That carpet isn't going to rip out itself.  There's work to be done.

The time we spent in the trenches - although so brief compared to the suffering that has been and is still to come for those in the rivers path - will forever change our perspective.   There are many of us who would gladly take on a small piece to try to ease another’s loss.  I think that's why there are so many volunteers.  It doesn't seem fair that those of us on high ground are so unscathed. 

We all accept the blessings that have accompanied this tragedy with much gratefulness.  The volunteerism, the amazing first responders, the neighbours helping neighbours, and the pride in our city are all welcome silver linings to this very dark rain cloud. 

Soon our city will inch its way back to business as usual – and soon, this blog will focus on custom home building.  But not today; today we reflect on what has happened, applaud the courage, generosity and resourcefulness we have witnessed, and plan for the healing of this fine city and her people.

Hell or High water.  Nothing will keep Calgary down.

Stay safe friends.

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Flood Update - Maillot Homes Office closed Monday as staff volunteer for Calgary clean up.

Please be aware that the Maillot Homes office will be closed Monday, June 24th so that staff can volunteer to help with the clean up efforts.  We will be meeting at our Maillot Homes property at 1136 Riverdale Avenue SW at 9 am.  Staff, clients, trades, suppliers, friends and neighbours are all welcome and invited to join us as we do our part.

If anyone requires assistance please contact us at the number listed on the front page of our website.  We will do our best to be available to anyone who needs us during this recovery period.

Stay safe Calgary.  Best of luck!

Calgary Flood 2013 - Stay safe friends

It was all hands on deck this morning at Maillot Homes.  Every single staff member showed up ready to work - to help any and all of our clients in any way we could.  Some didn't know if their own home was safe or under water.  Others were ok at the moment but on high alert pending a possible evacuation.  Yet all were there ready to serve our clients past and present should they need us.  It was one of those moments I was proud to be a part of this team.

On behalf of everyone here at Maillot Homes, we'd like to extend our thoughts and prayers to all that have been affected by this disaster.  Yes, we take great pride in the homes we build, but we know in our heart of hearts that it is not the bricks and mortar that is important at the end of the day.  Although the loss of a home can be devastating, it is the people - the families - within the walls of that home that is paramount.  We join with all of our Calgary family to wish you all the very best in getting through this disaster safely.

Thank you to the many that have offered their homes to evacuees.  Thank you to those willing to lend a hand, to volunteer, and even to those who simply stayed home out of harm's way and left the roads to the emergency crews.

Like all crisis, this too will pass and Calgary will rally and rebuild like the strong, proud city we are.  We'll get through this if we stick together.

Stay safe out there Calgary.

Hello Calgary

Welcome to our brand new Maillot Homes blog. We were inspired to create this forum in response to the need we observed for straight forward, information about building a custom luxury home in the Calgary area.

We have been in business for nearly 60 years. And over those 60 years we have witnessed, scratched our heads, puzzled over and then conquered nearly every single challenge imaginable. I say ‘nearly’ because, well, this is custom home building after all. And we are not in the habit of building the same house twice. Every home we build is a new experience.

What we are in the habit of is dotting I’s and crossing t’s. We protect budgets and fight for quality. And yes, we’ve seen every trick in the book. We work with trades that know we know our stuff and respect us for it. We believe in doing things right the first time.

There aren’t a lot of places you can go for quality information on building a luxury custom home, and we want to change that. Whether it’s asking a question about the development permit process, navigating the drawing phase, deciding what your budget should be, or figuring out whether or not the city will actually let you build your dream home on that lot you have your eye on. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Let us be your guide. Ask us anything you’d like. We remember the way community was 60 years ago. And we’d like to bring a little of that back. So tell me neighbour, how can we help?