About Us

Since 1954, Maillot Homes has been dedicated to building custom homes that exhibit unique designs and are built to exceptional standards in Calgary’s most distinguished communities.

We understand that a home is the biggest purchase your family will make. We take personal responsibility to help protect your budget, and by extension, your family and lifestyle.  Having you involved in the process every step of the way ensures that budget decisions reflect your family’s personal wish list. 

Maillot Homes has been building custom homes for almost 60 years.  We know how to prepare an accurate budget – one that’s detailed, thorough and realistic.  No hidden costs.  No surprises.  Does this mean we’re cheaper than the next guy?  No, of course not… it just means we’re really good at what we do and we’re honest with you about what that costs.

Frankly, our client’s do not want cheap, they want high quality and exceptional value.   Drop by our new show home and see what we mean.”

Rob Ohlson, Owner of Maillot Homes - On Integrity

Maillot Homes is thrilled to be celebrating 60 wonderful years serving the Calgary community.

From its early beginnings, Maillot Homes was built on family values. I was proud to continue that tradition 10 years ago, when I took over as President.

So what does ‘Integrity’ mean to a custom home builder? 

It means being truthful about costs upfront – even if that means we sometimes lose the project because we are unwilling to overpromise and under deliver. 

It means working with the best trades and suppliers in the industry; those that offer value, craftsmanship and share our vision of service and honesty. 

It means being willing to do the work upfront to earn your business.

It’s vitally important to have a pressure free place to be able to make inquiries and get honest, unbiased answers in return. We created our Home Talk seminars for just that purpose. Home Talk isn’t about Maillot Homes, it’s about custom home building – and you. 

Thank you, Calgary, for 60 fantastic years of working together. We can’t wait to see what the next 60 years will bring.

Jenn Kendall, Design Manager - On Custom Design

Building a custom home is a unique experience.  It can be an exciting adventure where you see years of hard work and dreams come to fruition in a home that is truly yours.

You don’t get there by selecting one of 3 paint colours, or from a small grouping of cabinetry options.  To build an authentically custom home, you need to be free to imagine – to create – and to play.

With Maillot Homes, your custom built home is completely designed and built to reflect your own unique style and your own family’s needs.

You have to admit it does sound exciting… and maybe a little daunting too.  Don’t worry; we have you covered there as well.  We stand by your side through every step of the way.  We will coach you about what to look for and what comes next.  We will be with you to choose paint colours, tiles, fixtures, floors, lighting, cabinetry and every other detailed selection. We will be your biggest fan when you have a funky idea that other builders may groan at.  We’ll be excited with you and will take your idea and find a way to make it real.

Gaela Toombs, Operations Manager - On Quality

Maillot Homes has been going above and beyond for decades.  We believe craftsmen should stand by their work and a builder should be there long after they’ve handed over the keys.  It is for this reason that Maillot Homes was there as an early member of the Alberta New Home Warranty program and why today our standards for our in house warranty program extend well beyond that which is required in the industry.  

Our trades understand the quality we expect, and they deliver with the timely attention to detail one would expect from a craftsman. They are proud to be a part of building a Maillot Home, and we are proud to have them on board.  Knowing what it means to push the extra mile is a trademark of Maillot Homes and everyone that works with us to build or renovate your home.